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Castelijns 2nd in Oploo

Koga rider caught back in last lapCastelijns 2nd in Oploo
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Lotte van Hoek wins

Edco rider shows herself the best in a sprint with 3Lotte van Hoek wins
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Bronze medal for Takeuchi and Japan

Edco Athlete takes bronze in Sochi!Bronze medal for Takeuchi and Japan
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Nick Stöpler - Sam Speechly

Kian Zanno Ejlertsen - Roger Roca

Kian Zanno Ejlertsen over edco:
The Edco Competition Wheels are absolutely amazing to ride! They perform smoothly in every weather condition and the braking is exceptional. I rode the wheels at the European Ironman Championship 2012 with some very tough weather conditions … heavy rain and very strong crosswinds, but they just sliced through the air. In short, they are a dream!